Terms & Conditions

To be read and retained by the customer.


  1. In these General Conditions of PVC Direct Ltd. Is referred to as the Company and the person signing the contract is referred to as the customer.
  2. Orders are accepted on the basis that these General Conditions of Sale will apply to the exclusion of any conditions printed on customers own stationery. Order s verbally must be confirmed in writing otherwise the Company accepts no responsibility for errors in interpretation or delay in proceeding with the order.
  3. The Entire terms and conditions of this contract are contained in this document and no oral or written representation shall bind the Company unless confirmed in writing and signed by a director of the Company.
  4. This order is accepted by the Company subject to final survey by the Company's technical surveyor which will be carried out during daylight hours. Should there be any differences, material or otherwise, the decision to accept this order will remain with the Company.
  5. Quotations and delivery estimations are given, orders are accepted in good faith based on materials and labour normally being available. In the event of supplies or labour being adversely affected by strikes, lockouts or any other disruption or contingencies beyond the Company's control shall not be held responsible for delay, breaches or contract or any loss or liability incurred by the customer through delays or non-delivery.
  6. If the installation is not required by the customer within 26 weeks from the date of this contract then the Company shall be at liability to charge the customer the price for the products or the expiration of the said 26 weeks.
  7. The customer will provide reasonable access to enable installation to be completed as soon as advised that the products are ready and will notify the Company of a suitable appointment for installations. If within 14 days of such advice an appointment for reasonable access has not been fixed the balance of the purchase will become due and payable immediately.
  8. Demonstration windows, doors and other products are used to demonstrate the working of a typical product and its composition. The windows or other products detailed in the schedule overleaf will be manufactured and installed by the Company using such manner and materials considered and pursuant to the Company's policy of continuous improvement to its products. It reserves the right to make any necessary modifications in design specification or composition.
  9. This contract cannot be cancelled unless a written request to cancel is received and acknowledged by the Company within 10 days from the date of signing. Without prejudice to any rights in respect of any purported cancellation the Company shall be entitled to receive by way of reduction of deposit or otherwise its loses and expenses.
  10. 10.The Company will not accept any variations or alternations to the order unless confirmed by the company and any such variations may result in an extra charge being made by the Company.
  11. The Company guarantees for 10 years to replace or repair any outer frame or opening sash which proves defective due to faulty workmanship, faulty materials. (but not against misuse or neglect). The Company's formal written guarantee will be forwarded to the customer after full settlement has been made.
  12. The efficiency of the sealed units is guaranteed by the glass manufacturer for a period ayears from the date of delivery to the customer.
  13. After 12 months, all maintenance call outs will have a call out charge per visit. This is payable to the engineers arrival before inspection of the problem. After an inspection if the faults are covered under the guarantee the faults will be rectified free of charge and the call out charge refunded there and then. If the faults are not covered under the guarantee other repairs will be chargeable both for materials and labour.
  14. Although double glazed units reduce condensation on glass, there can be variation in different types of property and therefore no guarantee can be given.
  1. All glass shall be of good quality but the Company shall not be under any responsibility whatsoever in respect of minor blemishes and imperfections not guaranteed by the manufacturers.
  2. All reasonable care will be taken but the Company shall not be under any responsibility whatsoever fro damage to internal or external decoration caused by the installation. Neither will the Company be held responsible for refitting blinds, curtains or curtain rails.
  3. Full settlement is due to the installers on installation. Failure to settle will result in interest being charged at 1.5% per month. All goods shall remain the property of the Company until paid in full by the customer.
  4. Customers who have Finance Company approval for Home Improvement Loans or Building Society Loan Approval but who chose to purchase the Company's goods by alternative means are deemed by the Company to be paying cash on installation and therefore Clause 17 of these General Conditions of Sale shall apply.
  5. Cheques or orders must be made payable to PVC Direct Ltd.
  6. Although every care will be taken by the installers when re routing Telephone and TV Ariel Cables the Company shall not accept any responsibility whatsoever should the systems be affected by the Installation.
  7. Supply Only, First Fix and Pin Contracts.
  8. 1 Prices quoted can fluctuate from the date of tender unless otherwise stated. Special attention is drawn to the following on being particular areas affecting fluctuation and where prices are referred to as "Fixed'. Any cost incurred arising from the following circumstances will be considered recoverable. (a) Variation in costs arising from Government Taxes, Levies etc. (b) Increase caused by rises in the cost of imported materials after tender done.
  9. Payment Terms Supply Only all orders will be cash on collection unless otherwise agreed. First Fix & Pin Contracts.
  10. Defects liability. The Company will replace or at its option repair free of charge or refund the price of any goods in which defects solely attributable to faulty manufacture or materials appear within 6 months of delivery, provided the customer notifies the Company of any defects and (so detached) return the goods at his own cost unless otherwise agreed. No liability is accepted for remedial expenses, damages to property, loss of profits or other sub sequential damage, loss or injury howsoever caused. All other conditions or warranties relating to the characteristics of goods, their quality or fitness. Whether express or implied by statue or otherwise are expressed excluded.
  11. Changes of Details. Prices quoted will be subject to amendment for (I) any change in specification or other quoted details. (II) Despatch in more consignments than shown. (III) Reduction in quantities. Ordered.
  12. Site sizes. Unless otherwise stated it is the responsibility of the customer or his agent to advise and or confirm dimensions.
  13. Delivery damage. All claims for transit damage or loss must be submitted in writing to both the carrier and the Company within 3 days of delivery. In the absence of claims within these limits the goods shall be deemed to have been properly delivered.
  14. Goods shall be at the risk of the customer from tie time of delivery but unless otherwise stated shall remain the property of the Company until payment therefore has been made in full accordance with the terms of payment incorporated within these conditions. The customer shall provide free of charge lockable vandal proof storage facilities which shall be the subject of prior agreement with the Company.



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